Te Puna Market is a weekly market run in the heart of Henderson, Auckland. The market is based at the Falls Carpark and is open every Saturday morning, 7.30am – 1pm. It has an assortment of fresh fruits & vegetables, other produce and natural made products on offer each week, and occasional workshops and activities centred around kai.
The name for the market, Te Puna, was gifted by the local iwi, Te Kawerau a Maki. The direct translation of Puna is a pool or a well. Historically, the Puna was a place where people would gather. An important kaupapa was to share stories and socialise, similar to conversations that could happen when people meet and eat together.
Kai West is the collective behind Te Puna Market, and WEST is part of the Kai West group. Kai West is made up of people working on community-based initiatives that focus on our local food system. Our vision is a strong local food system supported by community partnerships that increases access to local affordable fresh food and supports the health of the community. The purpose of the collective is to grow capacity for local food initiatives to thrive, connect and strengthen communities across the West Auckland area. In collaboration with key partners we support events, information sharing and conversations about ideas that can improve our local food system and how we can turn them into action. The initiative will also aim to connect local community members with funding, training and mentoring opportunities that can contribute to a more sustainable, healthy, culturally appropriate, fair and accessible food system in West Auckland.
Kai West is made up of WEST – West Auckland Enterprise, Skills and Training, MPHS, Community Waitākere, Massey Matters, Healthy Families Waitākere and EcoMatters.