Lee Hickey – Enterprising Communities/ WEST – West Auckland Enterprise Skills and Training

The Massey West Food Hub Plan

WEST – West Auckland Enterprise Skills and Training (formerly Waitakere Workers Educational Association – WEA) was contracted to scope the idea of a food hub located within the Massey Community House.

The Massey Community Food Hub initiative is located within the wider Kai Auckland project. Kai Auckland is a movement for all Aucklanders that offers a cohesive and integrated approach to creating connection and nourishment through food.

The aims of the Kai Auckland movement include reducing systemic poverty, child hunger and social isolation, strengthening individual and community food security and increasing opportunities for volunteering within Auckland communities. Through community hui five mobilising initiatives were established to facilitate, enable and organise knowing, growing and sharing across Auckland by 2016.  One of these initiatives is the proposed Physical Food Hub, to be located at Massey Community House.  The purpose of the food hub is to enable a physical space where members of the community can connect, learn and work together to buy, grow and share food (Kai Auckland, 2014)

A group including local community gardens, Massey Matters and WEST are currently developing some of the ideas identified in the The Massey West Food Hub plan. If you would like to know more please contact Lee Hickey on 8371471.