Meet Our Staff

Lee Hickey
Lee HickeyBusiness Development Manager
Cynthia Blom
Cynthia BlomAdministrator/Accounts
Gaylene Thompson
Gaylene ThompsonReception/Admin Assist

Meet Our Tutors

Elizabeth Aloua
Elizabeth AlouaWEST Becoming Financially Fit Tutor
Lee Hickey
Lee HickeyWEST Training/Becoming Financially Fit Tutor
Lynda Barrett
Lynda BarrettWEST Driver Education Tutor
Dr Susan Healy
Dr Susan HealyWEST Training Tutor
Buffie Mawhinney
Buffie MawhinneyWEST Becoming Financially Fit Tutor
John Mowbray
John MowbrayWEST Driver Education/Commercial Roadskills Tutor
John Carrodus
John CarrodusWEST Becoming Financially Fit Tutor
Carolyn Slade
Carolyn SladeWEST Becoming Financially Fit Tutor
Gaylene Thompson
Gaylene ThompsonWEST Driver Education Tutor
Judy Henderson
Judy HendersonWEST Becoming Financially Fit Tutor
Augustine Kopa
Augustine KopaWEST Becoming Financially Fit Tutor

Meet Our Volunteers

Carolyn Slade
Carolyn SladeWEST Dressed Volunteer

Meet Our Governance Board

John Carrodus
John CarrodusChairperson
John was previously a principal at Edmonton Primary School and is now actively involved in supporting a number of community and Not for Profit organisations. John is also the WEST handyperson and we keep him busy with maintaining the Facility so that it is always looking it’s best.
Lynda Barrett
Lynda BarrettGovernance Board Member
Lynda has been self employed as a driving instructor for 32 years, a school bus & charter bus driver for 10 years, and a tutor for WEA/WEST for 14 years. Plus just the normal wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother!
Vinetta Pearce
Vinetta PearceGovernance Board Member
Vinetta has considerable experience in small business management, network facilitation and convening, and place based community development. Currently Vinetta works as the manager of a local community organisation.
Carolyn Slade
Carolyn SladeGovernance Board Member